Monster Coyote – Neckbreaker

a2132739156_10 When you lay all the cards of metal down in front of you, there’s a lot to be seen. The brutal stuff (ex.: death metal) and the not so brutal (ex.: metalcore). Sometimes though, it’s always good to meet in the middle and a good middle ground is sludge metal. A genre that is a whole bunch of stuff, you can expect a whole lot and maybe get some pretty fucking awesome shit. Monster Coyote’s latest album “Neckbreaker” isn’t “pretty fucking awesome shit” to me, but it is definitely some quality ass sludge.

Just from looking at that pretty sweet cover art, you can tell that “Neckbreaker” isn’t going to do a whole lot of fucking around and that is a great way to describe the record. There’s not a whole lot of down time as Monster Coyote truly hold nothing back with “Neckbreaker” which is a 40 minute piece that any sludge fan will say was very well spent. My favorite thing about “Neckbreaker” has to be the vocals as they fit the rest of the band (which is absolutely heavy as fuck) and just create this ridiculously brutal over tone that helps each track progress and feel more awesome as they showcase their versatility even more. Along with the vocals are a heavy bass, shredding guitar, and a vicious set of drums that truly show what it takes to make some interesting sludge metal. However, there are tracks of varying lengths off of “Neckbreaker” with some being as short as three minutes and one even going past seven minutes. To me, Monster Coyote doesn’t really seem to use the time to their advantage as even the short songs feel like they should be progressing further than they really are, and same goes for the longer tracks, of course. But that still did not prevent me from enjoying “Neckbreaker” because it truly is a solid piece of sludge metal that I believe any fan of the genre will find plenty of get a kick out of.

As Monster Coyote’s third full length and first album in three years, I can honestly say that I’ve no doubt they have gotten better over time which is a very comforting thought to me. Given the right amount of time, I truly believe that Monster Coyote can go from creating a solid record that is “Neckbreaker” to something that is very interesting.

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