Accuser – The Forlorn Divide

Accuser_-_The_Forlorn_Divide Of all the things I love about thrash metal my favorite has to be the sheer energy of it all. A fast intensity that never even thinks to let up is the pure essence of all metal music, and no genre better captures that than thrash. Now some bands like Megadeth for example try to stay purely thrash and for the most part it works out very well, but with others they try to kick things up a notch for extra awesome. Accuser’s upcoming “The Forlorn Divide” takes things up several notches and makes an album of explosive proportions.

From looking at this album you might think that “The Forlorn Divide” implements so brutality to make the record all the more extreme, and you’d be completely correct! Although the intro track is calm and an excellent opener, the following nine tracks are an absolute blast of brutal thrash the likes of which will have the mouths of all you long time metal fans frothing over how amazing this is and then the new comers of metal to have their brains seeping out of their ears (in the best way possible). The vocals are just ridiculously vicious that don’t let up for even one second to ensure that so long as the guitars are going fast as fuck, the bass is bashing your goddamn brains in, the drums is bashing away at your soul, and the riffs are entrancing you more and more that “The Forlorn Divide” is a trip of pure speed and brutal energy. And if you’re thinking that since Accuser is fast they’ll have shorter tracks which will amount to around a thirty minute album, then sit your dumb ass down and prepare for a slap across your face as “The Forlorn Divide” is a whopping forty-seven minute record that is filled with riffs, ripping guitars and a shredding bass, and as I said vicious vocals that bring the album together to form one intense work of metal. If you ask me, “The Forlorn Divide” is easily one of the best thrash albums of 2016 so far and it’s going to be hard to top this as it is so much of everything that metal fans could want out of a thrash album.

The people who are looking forward to this album are not excited enough, and those who aren’t need to be because “The Forlorn Divide” is a marvelous album. A ride of one hundred percent metal that you won’t and shouldn’t forget for some time to come, Accuser truly have hit the head on this album and have definitely made a fan out of me.

“The Forlorn Divide” releases on March 11th!

PRE-ORDER “The Forlorn Divide” via iTunes here.

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