Diabolus Arcanium – Path of Ascension

a1713193331_10 Do me a favor, imagine Fleshgod Apocalypse. Pretty good image, yes? Mixing together the two very different styles of symphonic and death metal they do a pretty good fucking job at what they do. Now, imagine that but with a black metal band. Just as good, intriguing, and down right mystical in every way. If you’re having trouble imagining that then look no further than Diabolus Arcanium.

A question you might be asking is “are Diabolus Arcanium as good as Fleshgod Apocalypse?”, and my answer is not quite. But for a symphonic black metal band these guys came very close to me. Every track off of their latest album, “Path of Ascension” has a fantastic symphony behind the high quality black metal to create this truly unique experience that I can only describe as both mystical and ambitious. All of this album fits the theme of a very dark, dramatic, and epic medieval universe with the amazingly harsh vocals to match, an astounding orchestra, excellent bass, powerful guitars, and titanic drums which all come together to create such a mammoth theme that it is truly overwhelming at first before you can really wrap your brain around the grand sound you are listening to. And as with any epic orchestral piece, there are ups and downs with the tone, pace, etc. and “Path of Ascension” is no acception with the whole record being a roller-coaster of symphonic black metal that is as enjoyable as they come. What’s very amazing about this record to me is how it is always engaging no matter the song, what instruments are being used, the riff that is happening, or how the vocals sound, and that is a precious, precious thing that is not done easily and we all should love this band for that.

“Path of Ascension” is simply a stunning album completely and I urge anyone who likes ambition in its purest form and pulled off magnificently to check out Diabolus Arcanium for you shall find an experience that is worth taking. One worth taking far more than once I promise you, this band is the definition of underground gold as they have made a true gem of an album, yet only a handful of people have had the real pleasure of participating in this marvel. Don’t miss out.

LISTEN to “Path of Ascension” on Bandcamp here.

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