Redemption – The Art of Loss

RedemptionCV2015 When you boil music down to a certain genre, you never know what you’re gonna get. With progressive metal that statement is taken to the absolute max with so many bands trying their own thing, but every once in a while an album will creep up on you (even after the band has already put out tons of albums) with something that simply catches your attention. Redemption’s upcoming “The Art of Loss” is now that album for your ear holes.

You may be asking, “Mr. Person, what exactly made this album ‘progressive’ as you so eloquently put???” Well, my dear padawan, what makes “The Art of Loss” truly special to me is plain, simple, and may be a little odd: its run time. The amount of time that the outro song alone encompasses (twenty-fucking-three minutes!!) is just simply stunning not to mention the fact that Redemption manages to keep everything relatively light without being too heavy. This is without a doubt metal, however, so don’t your panties in a bunch so quickly. The shortest track off of “The Art of Loss” is just under a whole five minutes and there are nine songs off this record so be prepared for what can only be described as a process (a fun one) because you truly do have to get comfortable and take in the music all in one, take a long breather, and then go back for another spin. The smooth vocals, entrancing guitars, thunderous bass, and steady drums all come together to create an album that is just massive in scale because it is some of the most interesting progressive metal I’ve ever heard where I haven’t thought the band was taking the term “progressive” too far. Just from seeing the cover art you can see that this album is in part an emotional trip in its entirety, and that is pretty correct along with being a true musical experience that fans of not only metal will appreciate, oh no, any sort of fan of music would be doing themselves a favor by checking this out.

If you haven’t been able to tell by now, Redemption absolutely blew me away with this record. One of the best pieces of straight up progressive metal that I’ve heard in ages, these guys have proven with their sixth album that success truly can come with experience, and “The Art of Loss” is a prime and ripe example of that statement.

“The Art of Loss” releases on February 26th!

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