Good Tiger – A Head Full of Moonlight

Good_Tiger_-_A_Head_Full_of_Moonlight As a guy who can relate to and enjoy just about any rock, it is very hard for me to say that I enjoy the mixing of rock and metal. I don’t mean hard rock or grunge, I mean straight up gluing the two together to create one cohesive . . . thing. With most things I’m generally given something that defies an opinion like that, and today the universe has brought to me Good Tiger which a blend of metal and rock the likes of which I’ve never seen before. “A Head Full of Moonlight” finds a fantastic medium between the two to help create an excellent experience for fans of both genres.

From the very first track you can instantly tell what kind of band Good Tiger is with the riffs being simply captivating that only lead to a set of vocals that have an odd feel to them as they have a sort of crispy-ness to them that really help the flow of each song. And while I can’t say I’m in love with them, the vocals truly do fit the rest of the band perfectly even as the the guitars and bass swapped periodically from a rock style riff to a more metal-esque groove that fits pretty damn nicely with the vocalist which was a complete shock to me because even though there’s another, more harsh set of vocals, the originals still work magnificently well with both styles for all of “A Head Full of Moonlight”. Just the overall feel of this album is pretty light so it makes for a great casual listen as well as one you can tune into when you want something mellow to focus on, and Good Tiger does a great job of keeping things simple yet interesting as well as unique yet familiar. It goes without saying that’s a very hard feat for bands to pull off nicely nowadays. “A Head Full of Moonlight” manages to capture that excellent feel of pure, expertly made prog rock that is not even within a million leagues of being called anything along the lines of a disappointment.

Good Tiger have truly made an interesting album by any and all standards, and have truly set the bar with this debut. They have shown how good progressive rock could sound and how fresh it can still manage to feel even after infinite bands doing infinite amounts of different styles. “A Head Full of Moonlight” is an enticing album that will without a doubt please fans of both metal and rock, myself clearly included.

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