Artillery – In Defiance of Conformity (single)

a1921072900_10 I’ve always been one for 80’s style thrash metal as that’s when every other band was trying to be the next Metallica or the next Megadeth, and so on. So when I saw that Artillery had busted out a new track, you could only imagine my excitement and tiny squeal of an exciting eight year old girl (I said imagine). And now that I’ve heard it roughly eleven jillion times, I can honestly say that the hype that should be garnered for “Penalty by Perception” is through the fucking roof.

From the beginning, this new song of “In Defiance of Conformity” begins off with the sound of distant cannon fire that is quickly followed up by a guitar riff that is simply orgasmic if you’re a fan of unique guitar styles, which is personified amazingly well within this song. The track then builds up with the guitars being welcomed by catchy drums, then another set of guitars coming to the mix, a little sample of vocals, and then just an all out blast of pure thrash that holds nothing back in terms of speed. If you’re familiar with the vocals of Artillery like myself then you will find once more no disappointment as they are as marvelous as ever with their excellent smooth sound, intense speed to match that of the rest of the band, and just an overall great quality feel to them that fits so well that it’s hard to explain unless you’ve actually heard them. And “In Defiance of Conformity” is not a short thrash track, oh no. Just under six minutes of well spent time are what make up this intro to “Penalty by Perception” and in that is excellent musicianship, the experience of thrashers who have been at it for literally decades, and a solo that I can only describe as a thrash fan’s wet dream to put the icing on the cake.

As I said, the hype for “Penalty by Perception” is nowhere near high enough because if “In Defiance of Conformity” is any sort of hint as to what the other ten tracks off the album will be like (and of course it is) then us thrash fans will be in for a hit that will be the sweetest of all. This is a phenomenal song from a phenomenal band and I can already guarantee that this record is going to be one of the “must listens” of 2016 by far!

“Penalty by Perception” releases on March 25th!

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One thought on “Artillery – In Defiance of Conformity (single)

  1. This is the band that got left behind,if Neat Rec. would of done more for them they would of been bigger than most of those thrash bands from back then and even now they put out better albums than the others.

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