Skore – Empty Space

a4044989904_10 For me it is always neat to see what each band can do as they attempt to set themselves aside from the rest by either being plain good or trying to do their own style. Some bands, however, trying to meld several different things together to achieve their own sound. Skore have attempted to combine elements of alternative metal, nu-metal, rock, and progressive-ness with their latest album, “Empty Space”.

If you ask me personally, I can’t say that “Empty Space” is a great album because to me it just sounds like too many conflicting things interfering with one another. For example, the vocalist would do a bit that is clearly the nu-metal coming in while the rest of the band would be going with an alternative metal sound to it and those just don’t mix well to me. However, other than that one thing it is very easy to see the potential behind what Skore has created. All three tracks off of this album have a good, heavy crunch to them that really make them enjoyable for any metal fan but there’s a good flow and rhythm that a flexible rock fan can really get behind as it is very solid to say in the least. The sound of the vocals really matched the overall feel of the album which really helped bring everything together along with the heavy guitars, groovy bass, and very rhythmic drums.

Overall, Skore has created an album that is a little bittersweet for me because the unique style of “Empty Space” works for me but at the same time doesn’t. It’s a sort of thing that gets worked out with more experience so I’m more than comfortable saying that Skore definitely will get better in time, and this album is not a bad place at all to start for any sort of band. Like most things, it just needs time before it can get really good.

LISTEN to “Empty Space” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Skore on Facebook here.

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