Son of a Witch – Thrones in the Sky

a0936036104_10 If you are any sort of doom metal fan then you are more than aware of the phenomenal melding of stoner rock and doom to create stoner doom which is known to be one of the best styles of doom out there. There can be so many takes on it, and so many bands have made fantastic albums in that genre. Today, it is my great pleasure to say that Son of a Witch can most definitely be placed in that selection of amazing stoner doom bands.

Their debut full length album, “Thrones in the Sky”, sticks to true doom fashion with having a mere five tracks on the album, but almost an hour of awesomeness between all of them. The whole experience just grips the mind with the crushing riffs that are featured in each and every song to where you’ve no choice but to either tap your foot in rhythm or head bang to the heaviness as I was. The transcending vocals were the thing that really tied it together for me as their smooth flow and overall feel really helped these long tracks so much more enjoyable outside of how amazing the rest of the band was. There are also a few psychedelic elements thrown into the mix with “Thrones in the Sky”, and for me that really adds a good ambiance to the otherwise intense doom metal that is just as good. When you combine all that together you truly get an experience that feels like the weight of the universe crushing you as a war raged on right beside you, and that really sends it home at how fantastic and heavy Son of a Witch have become since their humble inception.

This is as an amazing place as any to begin your reputation as a stoner doom band as “Thrones in the Sky” has got all the good stuff down to the sound of the vocals. As a fan of doom metal, I can honestly say that if you have been looking for an album to satiate your fix for quality stoner doom then Son of a Witch have got exactly what you need.

LISTEN to “Thrones in the Sky” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Son of a Witch on Facebook here.

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