Sleep Signals – Transitions

12646937_1256998014315769_8800044157161647267_n It is my firm belief that every music lover loves something catchy. Whether it be catchy pop, rock, or metal is another story, but catchy is very captivating for obvious reasons, and there are always bands trying to have the album that will be the talk of the musical world with their catchy music. Some fall flat on their faces, others rise up and show that they really know what they’re doing. Sleep Signals is without a doubt the latter of the two.

Straight from the beginning this alternative rock band’s upcoming EP “Transitions” is an album that will definitely grab the attention of anyone who likes upbeat music. That’s a definite one word description for “Transitions”: upbeat. All five songs have excellent rock hooks throughout them that any fan of the genre can really appreciate because personally it took me back to the first rock songs I heard where the riffs and awesomeness levels were just off the charts, and that sense of nostalgia helped Sleep Signals sound so much better even after just the beginning of the first song. This is not a long EP as well with all but the title track being four minutes or less which allows for a more fast paced tempo in the songs and more unique bits being implemented into the music. What really helps seal the deal for “Transitions” for me is how smooth the vocals are alongside the guitars, bass, and drums that all have a marvelous rhythm and sound to them all that put together just create some really top notch alternative rock that you’d be hard pressed to find amongst bands that aren’t already widespread amongst the musical world. It’s also the fact that this EP is but their second release with their full length that makes me curious as to what they could do next with their style that can easily please rock and metal fans alike.

If you have been looking for a catchy piece of music from a band you’ve probably never heard of before, then Sleep Signals most likely is the way to get your fix satiated. Five catchy tracks that will definitely have you hitting the replay button before you know it, Sleep Signals have truly made an interesting album with “Transitions”.

“Transitions” releases on February 26th!

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