Strangulate – Catacombs of Decay

cover I think it’s safe to say that death metal fans revere the old school style so much more than the new school style, which is all fine and dandy. I myself cannot really decide which of the two I like more because that’s just the type of guy I am, and there is a trend in my stretch as a metal head when once in a rare while a band will have the idea to combine both said schools together to create a monstrous piece of death metal. The latest band to have done that now is none other than the scarcely known group of Strangulate.

Straight from looking at that grotesque (and I mean that in the best way possible) you can just tell that Strangulate aren’t fucking around with their upcoming album “Catacombs of Decay” truly taking the darkest roads, making murderous decisions, and throwing everything that there is to throw in the meat grinder that is their music. Imagine if you shove together Cannibal Corpse (newer and older), Suffocation, a tinge of Vader, and throw in the works of rancid blood, raw meat, some brains for good measure, and one whole or mostly whole decomposing human corpse to have the pulsing aberration of flesh known as “Catacombs of Decay” come seeping out. If that doesn’t wet your death metal mouth then may I should let the super raw intensity of the album do the talking because all eight tracks off the record can only be regarded as simply mind blowing. Gruesome vocals that shred all forms of life, guitars that pound you into dust, and drums that destroy any hope of weaker humans walking away from this bloody piece of brutality are all things that Strangulate serve up on an intestinal platter.

A bloody massacre from back to front, Strangulate prove that with this as their debut album they are here to kill everything and everyone with their destructive presence being only the beginning. “Catacombs of Decay” is a marvelous piece of raw Indian death metal from such a rich scene that I can proudly say is one of my favorites in the whole world, and I cannot wait to see both what the scene will pump out next and what shredded cadaver Strangulate will throw at us next.

“Catacombs of Decay” releases on March 19th!

LISTEN to the track “Blood and Bones” off the album on Bandcamp here, and the intro track “Barbaric Decadence” via YouTube below.

LIKE Strangulate on Facebook here.


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