Manhack – Rustatorium

Manhack Rustatorium Album Art Manhack’s debut album, “Dominicide”, was without a doubt one of my favorite albums of the whole year when it came out. It was heavy, unrelentingly brutal, and had a dash of technical death in its style to shake things up a little bit. Since then, I’ve been awaiting to see what they’d do with a follow up, and I can truthfully say that this EP, “Rustatorium”, is a fantastic album to satiate the fans like myself who’ve been patiently looking forward to this record.

As with their debut, Manhack have decided to make the theme of their music based off of video games, and while that sounds extremely unconventional and borderline shitty, they somehow managed to pull it off once more. “Rustatorium” surrounds the events of the Unreal Tournament franchise which I personally have no experience with those games, there are quotes from them fused with the face melting metal that adds a very nice ambiance to the intensity that to me just makes this album so much better. Only part about “Rustatorium” that I’m not a huge fan of is the amount of tracks on the record: four, and the first one is merely an instrumental set up that while good leaves only three tracks that only leave you wanting more. That being said, Manhack have somehow gotten heavier since their debut. More brutal vocals, intense guitars beside a monstrous bass, and a vicious set of drums to match are all things that are featured on “Rustatorium” and I honestly have to say that they come together amazingly well that all come to a climatic end with the final track which the album is named after, and it’s arguably the best track off the record if you ask me.

“Rustatorium” truly is a game changer for Manhack as they are at their heaviest and that only makes me want to hear more of them, and when this EP drops I’m positive anyone else who enjoys these gentlemen will think the same. I promise you “Rustatorium” is a vicious punch to the face and I myself will happily take such a beating over and over again (note: I am not a masochist).

“Rustatorium” releases on March 8th!

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