For I Am King – We All Have Demons (single)

2_COVER_FIAK_2016 I’ve always enjoyed metal bands that have a woman as a singer because they can just to do so many different things with their voice. Giving the music a smoother flow, a good melody, and a lighter sound are but a few things that they can do. But some women decide to say “fuck that noise” and decide to go all out alongside real, intense metal. That is precisely what For I Am King are doing with their upcoming full length, and their brand new single “We All Have Demons” is a savory little morsel of good things to come.

If I didn’t read the band’s bio before listening to the song, I probably would’ve have no idea that the singer was a woman. I say that because her voice was just so much deeper and more intense than what I was really prepared for and after she started I was just blown away because it sounded fantastic with the blast of metal that was going on all around! Six minutes of your time is all that  “We All Have Demons” asks for and it will be a six minutes well spent as each moment is a blast of pure face melting metal that does not let up for even a moment. It’s also very cool how the heaviness of it all, not to mention how awesome the vocals sound, just really keeps everything together to keep you interested in the song instead of being distracted by something else or you wanna stop listening. It truly is a captivating song and the lyrics make it emotionally deep as well, so any other you who listen to music for the meaning will definitely get your fix with “We All Have Demons”. And if you’re like myself and don’t always listen for meaning but for the quality of the music, then I can only tell you that the quality of this track can only be described as top notch.

After a debut EP, I don’t expect any band to sit down for three, four, or five years between records if they’re serious about making music and if the stars align in the right way, and For I Am King have waited but 2 years to release this song. If “We All Have Demons” is any sign for their upcoming first full length, and of course it is, then I am more than excited for the record as I am positive it will definitely prove this band to be one that should not be taken lightly, I guarantee it.

LISTEN to “We All Have Demons” via YouTube here or below.

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FOLLOW For I Am King on Twitter : @ForIAmKingBand


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