Plutonium – Born Again Misanthrope

a2854056256_10 Of all the sub-genres there are of metal, there are definitely those I haven’t heard but there are of course ones that I’ve listened to before but aren’t familiar with. Industrial metal is the biggest example of that statement for me as I can really only name one industrial metal band that I listen to and enjoy, so my knowledge of that category is very thin. But the one man band of Plutonium is the first band that has reintroduced me to this genre in the last few months and give me a some excitement by mixing it with one of my favorite type of metal: black metal.

When I say “mixing” I meant that basically Plutonium took the instrumental structure of industrial metal and then just layered some black metal-esque vocals on top of that, and despite that sounding fairly boring and a possible idea it actually came out pretty damn nicely! The songs that were strewn throughout “Born Again Misanthrope” were pretty lengthy as most of them were over five minutes long and had a good flow throughout them that helped them not become stale so quickly. Instead, Plutonium did not the longevity of its songs to the point where they were boring but to where they were more interesting as there were a plethora of sounds, riffs, and more filled with quality that most bands fail to do even by the first chorus of the intro track, but Plutonium do no such thing for the entirety of “Born Again Misanthrope”. For a track Plutonium even decides to go instrumental to add in a little bit of subtle emotion and texture amongst all the feverish chaos that we had been happily subjecting ourselves to beforehand, and that really shows how this man has a solid grasp on the idea of being a musician in trying different things while still remaining true to his base style. That is one thing I think we can all appreciate, and I can say that the one track alone made “Born Again Misanthrope” all the more sweeter for me, even though before that was a good display of industrial-black metal the likes of which I’ve never heard as I mentioned but I’m very happy I have now.

I know that this is not the first album from Plutonium, so just hearing this makes me curious not only what this man as created over the years but what the rest of industrial metal sounds like. Does it all sound like this? I imagine not, but I can easily say that “Born Again Misanthrope” is my gateway drug to industrial metal and I’m sure it will be for you as well, and if it’s not then I hope you’ll get as much enjoyment out of it as I did.

LISTEN to “Born Again Misanthrope” on Bandcamp here or via Spotify here.

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