Legions of Raum – Fruition

12573832_1051941591510315_1501286624986566160_n As a death metal and doing this shit that you are witnessing now, I’ve come across more than my fair share of death metal of all types. Plain, old school, new school, good, bad, infused with thrash, blackened, combined with orchestral instruments, and more are the kinds of shit I’ve had the pleasure of hearing. And after hearing dozens upon dozens of death metal records, I still love to look into new bands searching for that next album to shit my pants. Legions of Raum isn’t that band for me, sadly, but their newest record “Fruition” is definitely a blast of death that I can honestly suggest to any loose fan of the genre.

Throwing in a little bit of thrash for a good kick never really hurt, and Legions of Raum are very aware of that as “Fruition” is a solid, intense, and fast piece of death metal that I for one can say that was done very well. Despite this being the band’s second record, they show a clear understanding of what it takes to make a decent death metal album, but still lack the experience to create something that can really grip people and have them bang their heads even more than they would with “Fruition”. This is also just under forty minutes in length so that gives the listener more than enough time to jam out to “Fruition” and its heavy as fuck speed. The vocals are just as you’d expect: guttural, leaves no survivors, and not just to provide some lyrics they’re there to intensify so much beyond the crushing guitars and brutal bass mixed with the thunderous drums. All of those things come together to create a truly destructive album that I promise you if you want to casually listen to some death metal or if you wanna know where to get started for basic death metal then Legions of Raum may just have the right shit for you because this is far from bad.

Albeit there are definitely flaws to “Fruition”, it’s still miles ahead of any run-of-the-mill death metal band out there without a doubt. A sophomore album created by a band that is headed in the right direction but hasn’t reached their destination quite yet, “Fruition” is a solid record that will surely have you head-banging by the end of the third track at the very least.

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