Greenleaf – Rise Above the Meadow

635_Greenleaf_RGB All I really require to have a fun time is really situational, but today all I need were my headphones and some chill music with a subtle edge to it. And what better genre than stoner rock? I feel like I’ve been in a stoner rock mood since checking out Mammoth Mammoth’s upcoming album so I figured I’d continue the trend with Greenleaf’s upcoming album “Rise Above the Meadow”. When I say that this is the pinnacle of any kind of stoner rock or metal, I’m telling you that it is an album you must all check out, and that is precisely what “Rise Above the Meadow” is one hundred fucking percent.

Just from the cover art alone you can tell that this album is going to be a lot to take in, and it absolutely is! Shifting between and combining elements of both stoner categories of rock and metal, “Rise Above the Meadow” even sneaks in a little bit of a psychedelic feel to add in a little extra flavor which manages to go a long way as it provides a subtle ambiance that gives you that feel of enlightenment simply because the sound you are hearing is so excellent that it strikes something deep within your brains. The vocals have a really solid, smooth feel to them that after hearing them for over an hour I can definitely see them being as some sort of hearkening back to the 70’s style of early metal where they have their own little echo and all that fancy shit which to me adds a whole new perspective to “Rise Above the Meadow” as the vocals are in one decade, the rest of the band is in a whole ‘nother time period, but they gel so well together that is just fucking mind blowing everything I think about it. These nine tracks are filled with riff filled excitement, other worldly trips, and an experience that takes you into the deepest majesty of the forest that will show you the greatest sights you will ever see and then pull you back out still stunned over what you had witnessed. Rock for those who want something catchy with a good groove, and metal for those who want an edge that is done as well as it possibly could have been, “Rise Above the Meadow” truly does combine the best of both worlds as Greenleaf create a truly unique album that you will regret not hearing.

It is rare for me to come across any sort of record that perfectly molds rock and metal into one. Usually, bands try that and it’s very noticeable but they just fall short and all potential they had just goes out the goddamn window for all I care. Greenleaf is evidently a massive cut above the rest with “Rise Above the Meadow” and they prove that with age comes time as this will be the seventh album to come from this Swedish “side project”, and it will be a mammoth release without a doubt.

“Rise Above the Meadow” releases on February 26th!

PRE-ORDER “Rise Above the Meadow” via iTunes here.

LIKE Greenleaf on Facebook here.


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