Mammoth Mammoth – Mammoth Bloody Mammoth

647_MammothMammoth_RGB[1] Sometimes all a band needs to really grab someone’s attention is a small EP of a few tracks that are absolutely mammoth in stature. Short, catchy tracks can go a long way as they can get you going in a heart beat and carry you for the rest of the awesome track. Mammoth Mammoth interested me with their last album, “Volume IV – Hammered Again”, but it didn’t really captivate me and I overall let it go past me. But now that these guys have an upcoming EP, “Mammoth Bloody Mammoth”, coming soon I decided to check it out and holy fuck is it something to be heard!

All but four tracks on featured on this EP. Two of them are completely new and original songs from this stoner rock group, catchy and filled with riffs that make each and every moment a completely amazing, heavy experience the likes of which that even hard rock has difficultly doing for me. The vocals are smooth but have a subtle edge to them that make them oh so savory that makes even the three minute song of “Drugs” feel like a five minute piece of excellence. Then what really helps tie the music together is the upbeat sound of the riffy guitars, groovy bass, and kick ass drums that don’t let a single thing up for the entire album which really allows the flow to keep going no matter which of the choruses are going, the style of the band as a whole, or the feel that Mammoth Mammoth decided to serve up at the time. That’s the first two tracks, and the majority of that goes for the latter two as well, but the third track, “Kick Out the Jams”, is a cover of the same song by MC5 and after listening to both versions back to back I can easily say that Mammoth Mammoth did a fabulous job with the song making it a real stoner rock experience that is truly a piece for any fan of the genre. Then the final track is a remastered version of a classic song by Mammoth Mammoth, “Dead Sea” which is an impressive five minute piece that even though I can’t say I’ve heard the original but I’m willing to bet that any veteran fan of this band will get their fill with that track as it is a good a track as any for a remaster and I’m quite happy that I’ve heard the song now, and I shall now go and listen to the original because there’s only one real good word that encompasses it in metal terms: sexy. In fact, that one word is a worthy description of “Mammoth Bloody Mammoth” without a doubt.

This is one EP that can and has definitely filled my quota for stoner rock for quite a while, I’ll tell you what. If Mammoth Mammoth have been on your radar for quite a while and you either haven’t been sure where to begin or something easy to get you on you way with this stoner rock group, then I promise you that “Mammoth Bloody Mammoth” is a more than excellent place to start as it is a ridiculous album by all intents and purposes. Four tracks is all this album needs and all it could have ever needed as Mammoth Mammoth truly hit the nail on the head with this record.

“Mammoth Bloody Mammoth” releases on February 19th!

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