North – Earthmind (single)

northlight I’ve always been a fan of genres that employ some sort of atmosphere because they just bring so much more character and texture to the music that even without the atmosphere is still fucking excellent. The two most common genres molded with atmosphere have to be atmospheric black metal and post rock/metal. They both have so many unique elements that it’s hard to imagine a band taking a different twist on the idea. North have been doing said twist for years already and I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to come across their own brand that can only be described as atmospheric sludge metal.

When I say that North’s new song “Earthmind” off their upcoming album, “Light the Way”, was a breath of fresh air musically, I mean that it is the sweetest, most delicious, and most savory piece of metal that I’ve come across in months without a doubt. “Earthmind” is a six minute song that has a steady build up as the song begins off with a solid drum beat, then some guitars for the real atmosphere, more guitars and bass for a nice smash across the head of heaviness, and to top it all off in comes an amazing set of vocals that fit this music ridiculously well. The progression of the song is as if you took one of those candles on the cover art, delved into that cave, and as the song went on you went deeper and with each change in pace you discovered something both stunning enough to astound you but horrid enough to make you keep moving on. This track is a real roller-coaster of sludge metal that’s as good as it gets, and if that’s not enough for you then maybe me saying there’s a hint of doom metal amongst all the sludge will get you interested, because there is and it works fantastically. “Earthmind” truly is a unique song from a unique band doing their own thing that I honestly can’t say I’ve heard before and it’s a shame I haven’t because in the right hands atmospheric sludge could become the next thing in the metal scene and I would be all over that.

If North has never put together an “amazing” album before releasing “Earthmind”, then I am willing to bet “Light the Way” will be the absolute shit if this song is any sort of sign of what’s the come from the record, which of course it is. The moment I get my hands on “Light the Way” I can pretty much guarantee you will hear my excitement from your house wherever you are in the world, and that’s a lot that I’m betting on this album but I’ve got confidence in North. This is a marvelous song 100% and I’ve no doubt that they did a similar job with the rest of the album, and that is something worth looking forward to.

“Light the Way” comes out on March 18th!

LISTEN to “Earthmind” on Spotify here or via YouTube below.

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