Naðra – Allir Vegir til Glötunar

a1621903397_10 What is it about the northern places of the world that seem to inspire the best black metal? Scandinavia is easily the most metal rich area of the world and we all know at least a lot of bands from there, and are damn happy about it. There’s always some new band lurking around the corner for each metalhead, and for me that band is the black metal group of Naðra with their debut album “Allir Vegir til Glötunar” being an album that even the most kvlt motherfucker out there will have to admit is pretty nice in it’s dullest moments. And to me, a not so kvlt bastard, I can easily say that “Allir Vegir til Glötunar” is a nice morsel of true black metal that is very enjoyable for anyone out there who can consider themselves a fan of the ol’ black metal.

Sometimes less is more, and that’s definitely the case with this album as there are but five tracks on this record by Naðra make it up by having three of those songs being seven minutes and longer with fourteen minutes being the longest track. That’s a lot of howling going into your ears, I’ll tell you what. The really cool part about “Allir Vegir til Glötunar” for me is the fact that very rarely does the pace lighten to give you a moment to recover, no, everything is fast, loud, and leaves your ears a bleeding pulp of meat that just wants to go through that brutal experience all over again because it is oh so good. The vocals have a real raspy sound about them so they are the kind that even if you were really trying you would not be able to decipher what they were saying the majority of the time, the guitars were fast paced and just absolutely shredded everything in its path, the bass had an excellent groove in the background that really helped the longer tracks so much more enjoyable, and the drums had a killer beat that will make any veteran head-banger looking for a neck surgeon by the end of the record. And by the end of “Allir Vegir til Glötunar” I can pretty much promise you that you will proceed to keep your eyes peeled for any new Naðra because anything after this debut will certainly be something interesting to say in the very least.

This thirty-nine minute album will definitely have you stroking your beard and/or applauding in approval as Naðra has created a more than solid piece of black metal that definitely shows they have the potential to flip the Icelandic underground scene on its head. They play with the essence of destruction itself and I can promise you that amidst the chaotic hell that is “Allir Vegir til Glötunar” that you will find something extremely enjoyable.

LISTEN to “Allir Vegir til Glötunar” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Naðra on Facebook here.


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