Khynn – Supersymmetry

a3255468071_10 Nowadays, it’s really hard to come across a band that isn’t more than one genre in particular without being able to distinguish one that is more common than the rest (ex. more death metal than thrash, but both elements are clearly present). A lot of times that this happens, the album sadly sucks because the band in question would be trying to hard to sound different rather than actually being good, but that is not the case with Khynn’s latest album “Supersymmetry” which is a very unique blend of death metal, thrash metal, and a little bit of metalcore.

Now, just hearing those three genres and imagining them in one album sounds like a mess, I know, but just stay with me on this one. Khynn combines the best of death, thrash, and metalcore to create “Supersymmetry” which is in its most basic form is a fast, intense album that is not afraid to smooth things out and create a completely different tone to change things up. Allow me to break down the album genre-wise: the death metal is shown in the heaviness that the guitars and bass pull off wondrously as the riffs spread throughout the record are on point to say in the least, the thrash is from the sheer speed of “Supersymmetry” that helps the longer songs so much more bearable that would’ve been absolutely droll if they weren’t fast, and the metalcore really only shows its face every now and then in the form of the vocal styles that easily swap between some very nice growls to the smoother, melodic style that the genre is known for. If you ask me, Khynn did an excellent job blending death and thrash together as that’s been done numerous times before, but the fact that they made the addition of metalcore work show that these gents have a fantastic grip on the unique style that they were going for and executed amazingly. A flow to keep you listening the entire time, riffs to satisfy your basic desires for catchy metal, and a solid sound all the way around are all things you will find in surplus on this record, and I can pretty much guarantee you that they will all keep you entertained for the entirety of this album.

“Supersymmetry” is one of those albums that has a sound that on paper sounds like a complete mess, waste of time, and/or something that should never happen, but Khynn is a once in a lifetime band that has managed to create something that I can only say is something worth checking out. And whether you like it or not, you have to admit that both this album and this band are in a class and category of their own as both have gone so far outside the box style-wise that it is still difficult for me to wrap my head around it, which isn’t hard to have happen but in this case it is oh so excellent.

LISTEN to “Supersymmetry” on Bandcamp here.

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