John No Arms – Bar

Front Oh Brazil, how you intrigue me so. The country that probably has the most tantalizing metal scene in the southern hemisphere of the world continues to pump out awesome bands to this day, and there does not seem to be a shortage of them any time soon. Black metal, thrash metal, death metal, punk rock, it doesn’t matter to Brazilians for they love all forms of our beloved metal, and those of us who don’t live there love them for that. Today, the new craze we should all know about is the punk rock group known as John No Arms, and if their name alone isn’t enough to make your head turn with interest then their latest album “Bar” will without a doubt.

Just about any and all forms of punk have a notable element of having very short songs that are very aggressive, John No Arms definitely has that, but they also think to go outside that spectrum and create songs that are over five minutes long. And if you’re worrying that the shorter tracks sound better than the longer ones or vice versa, then I can honestly tell you that both variants sound fucking excellent. The shorter songs are more aggressive and fast as expected, and the longer songs are just not quite as fast and the choruses sound like something that actually would be shouted by a bunch of drunken bastards in a bar so that just makes them all the more enjoyable if you ask me. Then there’s the vocals that just fit perfectly in each song as the man’s Brazilian accent sneaks its way into each lyric and gives each song a bit of a different feel to them as I don’t make a habit of listening to Brazilian singers a lot. They just have a great sound not to mention the rest of the band as well that just land each note, beat, and rhythm that was both catchy and extremely entertaining. I’m not saying that “Bar” is a jack-of-all-trades album, but it’s very dynamic as it doesn’t stick to one style in particular as it incorporates so many different elements of many other genres. And if that’s not enough for your greedy ass then maybe the style of tracks like “One Minute to Midnight” will get you going as they aren’t supposed to be taken seriously in any way (think Alestorm’s “Wooden Leg”), and oddly enough that makes those songs all the more marvelous in terms of listening pleasure.

John No Arms prove with “Bar” that even if you think punk rock is shit or it’s not your preferred style, it can still sound fucking awesome, grab your attention, and have great hooks to keep you listening the entire time. A forty minute album with fourteen tracks in that time, John No Arms truly spared no expense with this album and show that even the punk rock scene is rich and magnificent in the underground scene of Brazil, which is a very comforting and reassuring thought if you ask me.

LISTEN to “Bar” on Spotify here or via YouTube below.

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