Amon Amarth – First Kill (single)

Amon_Amarth_-_JomsvikingAs one of the most renowned, known, and respected melodic death metal bands to have ever existed, Amon Amarth have never once disappointed their fans as each album that they put out is a vicious blast of viking mythology and legends that are done marvelously each and every time. Since their last album, “Deceiver of the Gods”, people have been wondering where these Swedes would go next, and now we know that they will tackle the legendary viking mercenaries called the Jomsvikings, which this upcoming album is named after. And even with just one song out from the record, it is clear that Amon Amarth have continued to hit the nail on the proverbial head with “Jomsvikings”.

There’s not much to be found in the new song, “First Kill”, that we haven’t heard from these guys before. Intense vocals that howl like the wind unending, two guitars that have a melody that can’t be denied for even a moment, a bass that is as strong as the northern seas themselves, and a drum pace that could be the beat of bodies falling to the bloody ground. That is all expected and well received if you ask me, but my favorite part about “First Kill” has to be the story: a man who killed the right hand man of an earl who had done something to cause our future pagan to kill him in cold blood with the man’s own sword. Our character is then shunned and banned from his homeland by both his father and a guilty conscience. He then leaves his land as the earl’s men come to kill him for his crime, but our man escapes, and then plots the demise of those who were foolish enough to chase him. That is where the story ends as the song ends with the lyrics “I am an outlaw, I’m disowned, and I am no man’s son” which is epic of an end that this tale could’ve had. His tale will continue for the rest of “Jomsviking” for sure, but for now we just have the vicious beginnings of a man who will become part of a legend, and Amon Amarth pulled it off wondrously.

If you ask me, this is setting up to be quite possibly the best Amon Amarth record since “Twilight of the Thunder God”. Now that sounds premature, I know, but I have confidence in these guys and “First Kill” is such a monstrous track that I can’t help but feel immensely excited for this record. I’m sure you all feel the same way, and I can pretty much promise you that “Jomsviking” will be as awesome an album that Amon Amarth has put out, maybe even better who knows.

“Jomsviking” releases on March 25th!

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LISTEN to “First Kill” via YouTube here, below, or via Spotify here.

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