Obscura – Akróasis

Akroasis The term “progressive death metal” is used way too often by deathcore bands who are either lying to themselves, trying attract different crowds, trying to be “fancy”, or all three. So actually hearing real prog death after see a band call themselves that, it is both exciting and a relief. That is what I felt before hearing Obscura’s upcoming album “Akróasis”, and let me tell you that the word “exciting” does not even begin to come close to describing this album.

Seeing an album with but eight tracks to it along with a 50+ run time to boot, that’s a lot to take in right there. For me, though, that means if it’s good then the more the better! And that’s the case with “Akróasis” as each track does not even begin to get old as Obscura has a consistent shift in pace, sound, and feel in every single song that all have a fresh feel every time a new one begins, and that is something a lot of bands can’t do but these gents have pulled it off flawlessly. “Akróasis” is also a record that is not afraid to go from everything being fast and intense to a slower and calmer feel which is where things get real progressive to add a magnificent difference in style and texture of the sound itself, and for me that is something that is just absolutely satisfying every time I hear it. There are also two different sets of vocal styles that are definitely differently but not drastically so as one is deeper and more guttural, and the other are still growls, no doubt, but they’re not as deep and a little bit more melodic as to add a bit of conformity to the madness that is swirling all about within “Akróasis”. And if the first seven tracks of four to seven minute long tracks aren’t as long as you want, then worry not because the finale of this record is a ridiculous fifteen minute piece that will have you utterly gripped as you drive your ass to the store to buy some new pants because that song made you soil the ones you had on!

After you get a new pair of pants, you will finally understand what I meant when I said “exciting” isn’t enough to describe this album. Obscura have created an immensely innovative, unique, and dynamic record that will have fans of both the band and the genre frothing over how good it is simply because it is something that must be heard. Progressive death metal will find an early and excellent start for February as “Akróasis” is everything good that could possibly be shoved into one album.

“Akróasis” comes out on February 5th!

LISTEN to 2 tracks off “Akróasis” on Bandcamp here.

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FOLLOW Obscura on Twitter : @RealmofObscura


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