The Lion’s Daughter – Existence is Horror

a2531073016_10 A lot of times it’s good to take a break from something you’ve been busting your ass on day in and day out for fear of losing quality. That’s a pretty common thing among bands who care about the quality of their music, that or this thing called life got in the way. Either excuse is understandable and I’m not sure which is the case for The Lion’s Daughter, but they’ve recently come back from a hiatus and the result of their rejoining is their new album “Existence is Horror” which is a great album to come back to as a band, and an even sweeter one for anyone big into black and/or horror metal.

The two metal sub-genres of black and horror metal have always had a symbiotic relationship because they go so well together, and a lot of people forget about it because too many people want “just black metal” or “just horror metal”, but The Lion’s Daughter gives no fucks as they bring a crushing blast of the two with “Existence is Horror” that seems like it could be it’s own X-rated movie if you listen to it just right. This album truly comes at you like a vicious lightning storm that is bent on bathing the world in your blood because it doesn’t hold a single iota back in its barrage. All 10 tracks off “Existence is Horror” tell gruesome tales and presents an onslaught of brutality that The Lion’s Daughter nailed perfectly as every moment is filled with black metal that I can honestly say is done amazingly well and then a theme that is worthy of any horror metal album. The best thing about “Existence is Horror” for me is how there are orchestral pieces in the background of all the metal that is melting your face, and that adds a marvelous contrast that adds a whole new depth to the madness that you will just eat up like it’s some home made ice cream (you’ll lap that shit up). Everything is also extremely fast so even the tracks that are but 3 minutes long feel like so much more because The Lion’s Daughter manages to jam pack so much into those three minutes without messing it up (making it sound like an absolute mess), and any band that can do that to me has just about mastered the art of using a track’s length to its advantage when it comes to the listener’s experience.

This album is quite possibly the best outcome that The Lion’s Daughter could’ve created after a three year hiatus simply because it works so damn well and has a great sound to fit it’s horrifying intensity. If I had to guess I’d say this band is probably the most captivating horror black metal band in their region of the world with “Existence is Horror” alone as it is just an absolute mammoth of metal that will have you listening to it and loving all the gory madness.

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