The Temperance Movement – White Bear

1500x1500sr As one that is a fan of any sort of good rock n roll, I can safely say that in recent memory The Temperance Movement have been growing to the point where they just might be the best of a new generation of rock n roll, and after hearing the teaser for “White Bear” that was out months before its release, this record is easily my most anticipated record for this year (really early on, anyway). After about, oh, eleventy-seven times, I can rest easy in saying that at this rate The Temperance Movement has pretty much secured their place in the rock and roll hall of fame because “White Bear” is without a doubt the most stunning and well done album of its genre that has reached my ears in fucking years.

One of the main things that a lot of rock n roll bands understand but lack the ability to pull off successfully is the capability of creating an upbeat feel to your music while also having a good sound to it to attract the attention of people who actually listen to the music and not just feel the beat. “White Bear” has both of those key necessities in an absolute surplus as each track has its own groove, feel, style, emotions, and theme which makes every song a different experiences, and all those experiences are those that must be taken over and over again to truly appreciate. The Temperance Movement have also got all the band members doing their absolute best as the vocals are melodic and smooth, the guitars have a million hypnotic riffs to throw around whether they be fast or slow, a bass that has a magnificent groove that really carries the rest of the band through each track one magnificent pulse at a time, and the drums have a beat that is just spot on perfect for the entirety of “White Bear”. The only true lamentation I have for his album is the fact that there are three bonus tracks that are exclusive to Deezer, Spotify, and iTunes (one for each), and that just gets under my skin so much, but I let it pass because in my opinion the non-bonus tracks are far better, but that’s just me.

By the end of it all, though, The Temperance Movement prove themselves to be the new kings of their generation for rock n roll in the entire world, and I can’t see them stopping here with “White Bear” which is but only their sophomore album! If all goes the way it is, these Englishmen will become legends and gather hordes of fans from the whole globe that will be very well deserved to say in the least because these gents truly are a phenomenal band through and through.

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