Enthrallment – Eugenic Wombs

11952731_1021369507915576_2179333885729785864_o Death metal is universal, I think we all know and love that, but one of the many countries that I never expected to hear death metal from is Bulgaria. You just don’t hear much about the Bulgarian death metal scene, that’s not including the Bulgarian music scene as a whole, but maybe that’s just me. But there is a first for everything, I suppose, and it seems that Enthrallment has given me my first dose of Bulgarian death and this little taste is extremely satisfying and savory to say in the least.

Experience must have done this band plenty of good because “Eugenic Wombs” is Enthrallment’s fifth full length album in the last 10 years and it definitely shows on “Eugenic Wombs” as each track shows that Enthrallment truly have gone through the process that all bands to do find the sound that they feel works best for them, and it feels like Enthrallment have got their sound with this album. A treat for any death metal fan and a real punch to the face for anyone else, “Eugenic Wombs” holds nothing back (especially in the drums department) as this is one of those albums that truly embody the current state of death metal: brutal, intense, and blast beats for everyone as nothing is held back for almost the entirety of the record. The one acception is a short interlude near the end of the album that adds a nice contrast to everything before it and prepares you for the intensity of the finale which is also done very well. The vocals are brutality itself, the guitars have a great rhythm through all of “Eugenic Wombs”, the bass has a mad kick to it that keeps up for each second, and the drums sound like they are being played by a fucking brilliant but insane madman.

So all in all, a typical death metal album that is top notch for someone like me, but you can definitely tell that Enthrallment can do better even though “Eugenic Wombs” is an entertaining ride front to back. Certainly not a band to let out of your sight or be taken lightly, Enthrallment show that they are a true death metal band down to the lyrics with this album and I’ve no doubt that they can pull out all the stocks and one day truly blow the minds of those who are fortunate enough to hear it.

LISTEN to “Eugenic Wombs” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Enthrallment on Facebook here.


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