Isbjörg (self-titled)

a3680557269_10 I first saw the name of this band and I immediately thought “this is gonna be some sick ass viking metal right here”, and naturally with most things I was completely wrong. Progressive rock is the more appropriate term for Isbjörg, and even though prog rock has its ups and downs for me I still dove head-first into their debut EP and I can honestly say that it wasn’t the best thing that I’ve heard, but it was definitely transcending even for a genre that is known for transcending more than anything.

The only true way I can describe what Isbjörg sounds like (and bare with me here) it would be this: enticing elevator music with a good rock kick to it. Now, that sounds extremely boring, I know. I’m not a fan of elevator music either, but that’s what this EP sounds like and I don’t mean that in a bad way. All 4 tracks have a real chill feel to them that the smooth flow of the album employs fantastically because anyone who listens to music for background noise along with personal enjoyment with click with this album. The progressive part really shines with the piano, though, as it brings in a feel that is ever so slightly reminiscent of jazz and that adds a neat little texture to the music that smooths everything out more than it already is. The vocals are the only thing that took me a minute to get used to because at first they didn’t fit the rock but overtime you just become accustom to them and they fit much better.

But everything else – guitars, bass, drums, overall feel, etc., etc. – just gelled beautifully together to create a 20 minute experience that any casual rock fan can really appreciate because it’s got so much of everything that us rock fans grew up with. Not many bands are able to achieve that anymore without straight up copying what others have done before them, but Isbjörg put in their own twists that came from their own minds to make up their own music to create something that is unique to them. And that is something that all music fans who want the next treat for their ear holes hunt for day after day, no? Well today, Isbjörg has got a very special treat for you with this album, I guarantee it.

LISTEN to “Isbjörg” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Isbjörg  on Facebook here.

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