Abbath (self-titled)

a4109216292_10 I’m pretty sure that the moment everyone heard about Abbath going into a new band, we all turned our heads and collectively said “what?” I for one was very interested to see what this black metal icon was going to do now, and ever since hearing “Count the Dead” I’ve been excited to say in the least. Now that “Abbath” is out, we can all see what this man has done and what he has done can simply be described as incredible.

If you’re expecting me to dissect the guitars, vocals, bass, drums, and all the other good bullshit, then you’d be wrong because I couldn’t do that with this record even if I tried. “Abbath” in its most basic form is a riff-filled album with the trademark harsh black metal vocals that any sort of black metal can and will recognize almost instantly simply because their certain sound is so well known, and it’s one of the most perfect vocals for its genre (no argument there, ever) so it just fits the intense metal even more. Each track is also substantially fast so that makes even the 5+ minute songs off “Abbath” seem minutes shorter because of how fast everything is which really helps the amount of enjoyment for each track (for me, anyway). And a neat little bonus if you aren’t really digging what the album had in store for original black metal, then maybe a cover of Judas Priest’s “Riding on the Wind” will catch your attention or maybe even a different, but similar rendition of of Immortal’s “Nebular Ravens Winter” will get you in the right frame of mind. There are also good little interludes spread throughout the album that really show how the little things count with bits being the sound of marching boots or an absolute downpour, for example.

In all honesty, “Abbath” is pretty much what I was expecting it to be for me: good, but not something that I’d shit my pants over. This is the icon’s first go at a solo album, and I can honestly say that he and his band did a nice job with this no doubt. It’s a very well rounded record, but it didn’t have anything mind-blowingly awesome to me. Of all things I’m curious about is what Abbath is going to do now that he’s put one foot in the door and what he’s going to pull next.

BUY “Abbath” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Abbath” on Bandcamp here or on Spotify here.

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