Forming the Void – Skyward

a0854587773_10 One genre that really doesn’t have any sort of boundaries lyrically, thematically, or even at all stoner rock has got the be the most volatile choice of them all. Forming the Void further support that statement with their latest EP “Skyward” really transcending and ignoring a lot of musical “rules” that have been placed around just about all genres as this EP has just a little bit of anything good that you can shove into one album. And it’s not a suffocating amount either, oh no, it’s just the right amount and it provides the most ideal listening experience for anyone who wants a good piece of stoner rock.

Even though I wasn’t all that keen on the sound of the vocals (didn’t think they were the best fit, but whatever), the whole of “Skyward” is a real gripping album that really knows how to keep you on your toes. With parts being atmospheric, others more intense, and others that really put you into a hypnotic trance that you were in no way expecting, Forming the Void has created a very interesting album because it doesn’t stick to any particular style and really mixes a lot of things together to make an experience that is pretty unique in plenty of moments. This album also had somewhat of a retro feel to it and by that I mean the sound of the vocals, quality of the sound itself, and the overall feel of “Skyward” itself made it seem like an album that could’ve been put out in the 80s or 90s and fit perfectly with everything else, and that adds a pretty cool nostalgic feel that not a lot of bands are able to successfully duplicate to this degree.

This is a very solid EP for what it is, and I can tell that Forming the Void definitely have the capability to create a good album. “Skyward” has all the telltale signs of a good band that just has yet to really find the right mix of everything, even though “Skyward” is a pretty good piece in it of itself. I can definitely see these fine gentlemen progressing far and evolving their already good sounding music even more, you watch.

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