Mastemey (self-titled)

10856_1026654760719643_6204413094798413189_n It’s cool when bands two different sub-genres of metal (ex.: death and thrash) to create something unique, but it’s also interesting when a band combines two similar styles to create something that really transcends both of those styles and creates a mutant sound that generally leads to some really cool things, sometimes even amazing things. For me, though, Mastemey hasn’t done anything I can truly call “amazing” with their debut album, but this is without a doubt an album that does a very good job at create the cousin sub-genres of thrash and groove metal (fast and not-as-fast-but-still-fast).

Straight from the get-go you can tell that Mastemey isn’t messing around with their debut because it immediately begins off fast and it immediately begins with a heavy kick to it that us metal heads can really dig and appreciate because it just adds so much more flavor to the mix that would’ve been absent otherwise. The vocals aren’t very present on this record so it’s mostly the instruments that do the real meat of the album, but when the vocals do show up they have a good, sharp feel to them that add a smoother, but still kind of harsh texture to the fast paced everything that brings a neat little contrast whenever they pop up. There are also moments sprinkling throughout this record where everything slows down and has a completely different feel compared to anything that you heard before from the album, and that really shows that Mastemey aren’t just “thrash, thrash, thrash, and thrash”. Instead, they’re not afraid to think outside the box and create a totally different experience for the listener which prevents the album from being stale and just the same feel over and over again.

As a debut, I do honestly have to say that Mastemey did as good a job as they could with this record, but there’s not a thing that they brought to the table that for was stupendously awesome, but that doesn’t make this record any less enjoyable especially if you just want something with a good fast pace and a nice feel. I can see Mastemey doing very interesting things as a groove/thrash band, and this debut is surely only the tip of the iceberg.

LISTEN to “Mastemey” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Mastemey on Facebook here.


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