Coliseum – I Hate Them All

a0603608036_10 Of all the many things that can make a thrash metal album something awesome, catchy-ness is one of the things I least expect, but always appreciate it because it seems so rare in so many thrash albums in recent years for me. Usually most thrashers are just thinking about being faster and more intense without thinking a whole lot about their music have a good amount of hooks that actually make you want to keep listening. With this album as their debut, Coliseum prove that they are here to provide us with some riff filled thrash metal with a tinge of death that is as intriguing as it is awesome (a lot).

As I said, “I Hate Them All” is a debut, and it’s a more than magnificent place for any band to start off their lives as musicians because it shows off plenty of strengths that Coliseum was able to put into 5 tracks. The vocals are really the tinge of death metal that I mentioned as they are harsher than you’d expect, but that’s where the death metal ends because everything else is very thrashy from the guitars that are always going no matter what, the bass that has a vicious feel from beginning to end, and drums that have a rhythm that is basically lightning. There’s also a good deal of hooks, as I mentioned, that are spread throughout each track so that if at any point you weren’t enjoying or really feeling the song anymore that hook would come along and refuel your interest and keep you listening.

Everything just fits really well together from the harsh vocals to the beat of the drums and that really helps “I Hate Them All” become more than just an aggressive death/thrash album. It becomes aggression incarnate to create a debut album for Coliseum that is so good that some bands only dream of creating even once in their careers as a band. Coliseum just missed hitting the nail on the head with this album, if you ask me, because there is definite room for improvement, but that doesn’t deny the fact that each and every one of the tracks featured on this EP are just what a general fan of thrash could want. Aggression, speed, a cool little theme because why the fuck not; Coliseum have more than enough to satisfy your desire for thrash.

LISTEN to “I Hate Them All” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Coliseum on Facebook here.


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