Fault Lines – Such Is Life

561441_934238693327522_8388542573327765449_n I’m one of those people that don’t really give a shit about what others have to say about other genres whether they say it’s the shit or it is shit. As a metal head, at least once a week I here some form of the phrase “-core music is not metal and is bullshit” which oddly enough just makes me want to hear it more often. Not because I’m a “hipster” like that, but because I think people just don’t wanna talk about something that’s new because they don’t like change even if said change can lead to something pretty good. And today that pretty good happens to be Fault Lines’ upcoming metalcore album “Such Is Life”.

This might just be one of those metalcore albums that are every elitist’s nightmares. Featuring two different sets of vocals as you’d expect, there’s a good mix between the both of them that when they switch it’s very seamless and smooth that at first if you’re not really paying attention the shift goes completely unnoticed which is something that I personally think is a cool thing to pull of if you wanna just listen to something casually that still has some “meat” to it, if you know what I mean by that. And much like the vocals, the rest of the band shifts between a melodic groove with the clean vocals only to go to a crunchier, bass heavy piece for the screams that really help the album progress and keep you interesting because that way it’s just not copy and paste throughout each track. It does sadden me a little to say that Fault Lines really didn’t bring anything new to the table in terms of style or anything like that, but they show with “Such Is Life” that even with the “common” metalcore formula they are still able to create an album that still has a good feel to it and makes you want to continue listening, if you’re a metalcore fan that is.

No matter who says what, “Such Is Life” is at its lowest a solid piece of metalcore that any fan of the genre will be able to enjoy without a doubt. Like I said there’s nothing majorly new about this album, but sometimes you don’t need something new and shiny and ready for the masses because sometimes the original formula doesn’t need to be changed, and some bands make it work even now. For metalcore, Fault Lines is one such band.

“Such Is Life” comes out January 26th!

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