The Heavy Metal Workout Book – 14 Days of Exercise That Shred

CXvO8umW8AETqiH Honestly never reviewed a book before, but I feel like this one is a little special so I took an exception. I’ve also maliciously violated the first rule of this how-to book: you must have a gym membership. Not any time soon, friend. Although, if I were to begin working out and really wanted to shred the calories then I would definitely want to check out this book because while providing great advice for working out, the author is gracious enough to provide you with playlists consisting of hard rock and metal (mostly heavy and thrash) that are specialized for all the individual exercises that you will do all 14 days of this book’s regiment.

I’ll break this neat little book into two parts: the actual exercise, and the music. Let’s start with the exercises which I know you’re all thrilled about. They’re all legit, and by that I mean they actually have some credibility to them as they used all parts of the gym and really makes you actually break a sweat instead of just getting your heart rate up. And if you’re not quite sure how to go about doing the exercise, there are very helpful and extremely well drawn illustrations of that fine gentleman on the cover doing the various exercises. Each day is different as well, it’s not just all the same thing every day. Every day has it’s own thing, and every day has its own playlist that fits the situation very well.

Now onto the music, ergo the part you’re probably here for! When I say that all 14 playlists have a phenomenal selection of metal and hard rock that work with your workout, I mean they work together better than bacon and eggs. Spread throughout all the playlists are mostly heavy metal and thrash metal songs from bands like Black Sabbath, the Big Four, Sodom, Metal Church, Judas Priest, Skull Fist, and Overkill, but the songs aren’t just limited to those as they brave into other territories like Alestorm, Behemoth, Iron Reagan, Rotting Christ, Eyehategod, and Watain to really provide that extra spice that us extreme metal fans know, love, and can totally understand them being mixed in. What’s neat for me is that this book is also kinda set up to be an introduction for people trying to get into metal with a little bit of everything because distributed to get you a good mix of metal, but also to help you progress through your sweaty activities. I could totally work out to any of these no problem, personally. I’d absolutely jam out to Iron Reagan or Overkill while pumping the iron.

I’m not a work out guy, but just listening to the 14 playlists actually does make me kinda want to go to the gym the more I think about it, which I never do. The book is also not just one step at a time. You follow the badassery of Mr. Metal (not his real name) who is portrayed wondrously on the cover and throughout the book as you strive to become buff enough to survive and at the same time keep metal alive. If you don’t want this book for the workout but the music, then I totally understand! I’ve discovered plenty of new songs and a few bands from listening to these playlists and I’ve no doubt you would, too. But honestly this book can only be fully appreciated while following its intense regiment while jamming out to your prescribed dosage of metal, and that might be a thing I might start doing. And all I did was just read this fucking book! I highly recommend this book, without a doubt. A book for “the most talented, hard working, and intelligent people”, A.D. Bach has truly created something that can get us to enjoy working out for once, or even more if you’re one of those people.

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