Vaudevileins – Transmission

a1677713776_10 Of all the genres that is the easiest to listen to and get a real feel for it is undoubtedly rock. It has so much to it that every band that call themselves a rock band can do all sorts of things. Vaudevileins are no exception as their latest helping of indie rock, “Transmission”, has got a sound and a feel to it that so many people including myself can just take a casual listen to at the end of a long day to unwind and relax.

A good rock band, not the mention album, has to be able to keep up the energy, or at the very least have a good flow to it that helps move the album along and keeps people listen. “Transmission” has got both of those in all five of its tracks that also had a clear feel-good tone throughout all of its entirety that really made you keep listening. Even if the vocals got dull, their pace and the feel that they carried really helped you keep going with the good rhythm and sound of the guitars and bass holding their own against the solid melodic feel of the drums that didn’t think to let up the beat except for only when it made the song feel all the more awesome. If you ask me, for a third EP over the last three years and an album like “Transmission” coming out as the result is considered a full blown success for any aspiring rock band.

Vaudevileins have created an album that is for all intents and purposes a solid rock album as a whole. A feel-good album that really seems to celebrate life as something to be celebrated every day, this album really brings out good memories whether you want it to or not, and either way it will just keep you interested in seeing what this band will do with their sound next.

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