Outerburst – Phase A: Kaishi

Outerburst - Phase A - Kaishi (CD ArtWork) It’s never a bad thing to go back to where metal all began and just add your own texture into the mix whether it be new instruments, different sets of vocals, or just flat out copy and pasting its style and creating your own album because why not? Outerburst’s upcoming album “Phase A: Kaishi” is somewhat of a throwback for me because it goes back to some of the very beginnings for heavy metal, but with their own little twists as to create their own little sound.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, and I say it again: one set of keyboards goes a long way. That statement still applies to “Phase A: Kaishi” even though they don’t appear in every single track off the album, They gave this EP a nice background noise that really helped bring somewhat of a flow to this already melodic piece of heavy metal that definitely show that Outerburst aren’t just experimenting with the genre, they know they sound they want to create and they know how to do it right. The vocals aren’t exactly the best to me, but they still overall had a nice feel to them that had a good, smooth mix with the guitars that were a more than perfect match that had a really solid kick to them that brought the actual heavy metal, and to me that’s what really made this album what it is.

With a strong melodic element and a real sense of true heavy metal, Outerburst have proven that they are here and they aren’t leaving any time soon with this album marking their place in the heavy metal world has one of those that will hopefully have their talent shown and respected in the years to come.

“Phase A: Kaishi” comes out on February 1st!


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