Primeval Mass – To Empyrean Thrones

cover_1 In all of the many countries there are on this planet, there are four that in recent years have had sharp increases in quality metal bands: Greece, India, Brazil, and Chile. The former of which is probably my second favorite (India a close second) simply because in just the last year alone there are plenty of metal acts that have popped up and astounded me. Especially in the ares of thrash and black metal is where the talent seems most potent. Primeval Mass are found in the latter of those two and they do an absolutely magnificent job at holding their own amongst the numerous other black metal acts out there, but “To Empyrean Thrones” is an album that will not be taken lightly by anyone.

Just from the cover art alone one can instantly tell that this album is going to be a lot to take in, and by all things unholy does Primeval Mass live up to that assumption. If these very lengthy tracks aren’t enough for your stubborn ass then maybe the gradually wind up to the vocals with blasting guitars that are both raw and chaotic balanced amazingly well that have a great feel with the bass that has a deadly kick to it and drums that feel like have a beat to bring the heavens raining down upon us all will be enough for you to get your fill. What really rocked about “To Empyrean Thrones” was how throughout the album there were various little hooks that really pulled you in and kept listening like a louder kick from the drums with a quick bass drop to add plenty of flavor to a song that may or may not be getting old for you. For me, though, nothing from this awesome album got boring even for a moment because this was a true roller-coaster of modern black metal that two dudes somehow manage to put together only to have something wonderful come out as the end result.

If you are a black metal fanatic that isn’t too picky because you’re not “the most kvlt fucker out there”, then I cannot implore you enough to check out this album when it comes out. Primeval Mass have created an album that fans of this genre, including myself, are able to enjoy whenever it comes on simply because it’s got all that shit we love, and it’s done very well, of course. Their first album in 2012, Primeval Mass have shown that they aren’t leaving any time soon and that they may very well be one of the best Greek black metal bands we’ve seen in recent memory, and that’s a very exciting thing for me because I can just feel that this is only the tip of the iceberg for this duo.

“To Empyrean Thrones” releases on January 20th!

LISTEN to the song “For Astral Triumphs” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Primeval Mass on Facebook here.


One thought on “Primeval Mass – To Empyrean Thrones

  1. Hi! I’m from Argentina, the real ass of the world. And I have to say, Chile, Greece and maybe Russia have the best nowadays true or real black metal expression. Norway and some german bands. And Al-Namrood! Hails!

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