Ghost Horizon – Astral Possession

Album_Cover I appreciate many things in this world: pizza, heating, plumbing, cola, and other stuff. One other stuffs is when bands create tiny little albums that still manage to show how truly wonderful said band is. Today’s band in question is Ghost Horizon and they’re upcoming EP “Astral Possession” is a little piece of atmospheric black metal that as a fan of the genre, I can happily say that it is a very nice piece.

This album is essentially one 11 minute song, but Ghost Horizon, which is a two man band, manage to still create an album that works as one track as well as three. Each separation is put at point where the styles of the vocals, guitars, sound, and just about everything else shift practically instantly and almost seamlessly. There isn’t much actual atmosphere to “Astral Possession” as it seems Ghost Horizon sacrificed some atmosphere to focus on the black metal more, but both are performed magnificently because neither gets old because they’re perfectly balanced throughout the EP which show that these guys definitely have a grip on how to properly craft an experience. What really makes this album are the vocals in my opinion because they really bring the intensity by having three different distinct styles that can be noticed without trouble, and each style adds a new dynamic alongside the rest of the instruments that are marvelous to say in the least.

If you ask me, Ghost Horizon have created somewhat of a gem for atmospheric black metal that probably will sadly go unnoticed simply because Ghost Horizon aren’t that well known. But I highly implore you to check out “Astral Possession” when it comes out because it is a real experience that only this genre can pull off. A well crafted album, “Astral Possession” is proof that these gents have begun an interesting path with this as their debut. Did I mention this is their debut? It’s their debut.

“Astral Possession” comes out February 26th!

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