Lefutray – Oath

a0021256857_16 I always find it interesting to take a look backwards at what you’ve missed because who knows maybe you’ll find your next favorite album. Lefutray’s latest album “Oath” is far from being my new favorite, but it is even more proof that there is still heaps of talent that anyone could’ve missed and Lefutray is but the tip of that iceberg.

This album is just about the embodiment that any hardcore non-elitist thrash fan could want out of an album. Eleven tracks that clock up to 45 minutes in total, “Oath” holds nothing back in more ways than just having super fast guitars that sound fantastic to my ear holes. The vocals were eerily reminiscent of death metal for me, but that really added a new dynamic of brutality that would’ve been lacking other and that just makes “Oath” a far more intense album all the way through as there is not a single dull moment whether or not the vocals are doing their thing. The bass also have a real solid groove going on in the background, and even though you have to strain a little to hear their magnificence, their power still manages to ripple throughout all of “Oath” and thus allowing this record to pack much more of a punch, and the same thing goes for the drums that had a terrific sound to say in the very least. The guitars are also in the hands of someone who truly knows what they’re doing because not only are they ridiculously good for the vast majority of the album, they also manage to pull off some sick guitar solos the likes of which can only be pulled off by true scholars of the fret board.

“Oath” is also Lefutray’s first full length in four years, their third to be exact, and it really shows that in those four years they had the gears turning in their heads, and out came this album as the final product, and it’s a damn good final product! If you are looking for a good thrash album that you can really bang your head to because it’s fast, intense, and just a well rounded album all the way then Lefutray is the band for you without a doubt, and “Oath” will definitely keep you entertaining for a good long time to come.

LISTEN to “Oath” on Bandcamp here.

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