Hordak – Padre

a1556438588_10 One of my favorite sub-categories of black metal have always been pagan black metal. Simply because it’s in its essence folk metal combined with black metal, but a little bit more harsh with themes that you would expect: wizards, vikings, the mystical magics, etc. The many instruments have always managed to captured my imagination, and Hordak is no different with their brand new album “Padre” being one of the best pagan black metal albums I’ve heard for some time.

This 50 minute glorious piece is a real treat for anyone who wants to get their dose of intense black metal then Hordak have definitely got enough for you little fix. Everything down to the style of vocals is just about as good as it gets as everything is fast paced with a good raw feel to it which really feels like you’re smack dab in the middle of an epic battle with blood flying just as much as arrows, axes rending through flesh like butter, and the howls of dying men all around amidst the chaos. Then suddenly everything musically would shift and take a turn from the intensity, and in comes a violin and a flute (it varies) which adds a marvelous contrast in styles, and they sound fan-fucking-tastic whenever they come around to show their own power. That really helps “Padre” become a true pagan black metal album because it flawlessly combines the raw brutality of black metal and the soothing tranquility elements of folk metal.

Truly a band that knows what they are doing one hundred percent, Hordak have shown that they are truly a band that can satisfy any persons need for this special blend of metal that truly reaches from one end of the spectrum to another. “Padre” is an intense tale that you will want to live through over and over again because it has got all you could ever want from this kind of album, and Hordak have proven themselves to be a straight up authority for pagan black metal with this album, and that’s not including their other material.

LISTEN to “Padre” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Hordak on Facebook here.

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