Anthrax – Breathing Lightning (single)

1000x1000 Ever since Anthrax announced their upcoming album, “For All Kings”, I’ve been trying my damnedest to stay away from any singles or previews or anything else like that because I wanted to go in and experience the whole album for the first time without knowing any songs beforehand. Obviously, “my damnedest” doesn’t mean a whole lot because Anthrax released a new song, “Breathing Lightning”, just the other day and I couldn’t help myself. If you weren’t excited about “For All Kings” before then this song I can guarantee will make you very excited for this album.

Straight from the first note you can just tell that this 6 and a half minute long track was going to be something special. The riff that finds its way into your brains slowly begins to evolve into a great melody and sound that really takes you back to when the Big Four were at their peaks, ergo the 80s. The vocals had a magnifcently powerful boom to them that were only magnified by the lightning guitars, groovy bass, and intense drums that had a rhythm that is irresistible for sure. It really does feel like Anthrax have begun to create an album the likes of which they haven’t made in many years. By that I mean the likes of which that got them famous, fast metal that is uncompromising for all of thrash and has a powerful essence in every second that has such a presence that it cannot and will not be denied.

If “Breathing Lighting” means what I think it means, then we are in for one hell of an album. It will be like the glory days of metal all over again where every album was the shit and everything down to the very note was the stuff of legend. Anthrax may be the second of the Big Four to put out an album in the last year, but I have a sneaking suspicion that if Metallica doesn’t put out a new album soon, then Anthrax will take the crown as the new kings of regal group. And that is coming from someone who loves Metallica for miles more than Anthrax, that’s how much I’m excited for “For All Kings”.

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