Warchest – Downfall

a0135830642_10 I’m just gonna tell you right up front in full honesty, this was bad to me at first. I really didn’t like it because I thought it was boring and it just didn’t have that same feel that thrash normally has. But it was just before I had to leave for my job (what are those?) that I took a weak listen to it, but after 8 hours of work I decided to listen to it to really know how it made me feel. And on the second listen it was much, much better. Not fantastic or great, but good enough for me to give Warchest’s second full length album a thumb up in approval.

At first I didn’t realize that Warchest was thrash at first because I was casually listening to it, and it just didn’t seem to be as “electric” as you’d normally expect from thrash. The more you go into “Downfall”, though, you really start to notice the subtleties in the metal that really help distinguish this as thrash metal, and acceptable thrash at that. Fast paced guitars that are as intense as the vocals, a bass that doesn’t know when to quit, and drums that sound like a million galloping horses. Everything also comes together very nice with each instrument really complimenting each other with none overpowering another while all simultaneously allowing the vocals to have a great sound to it that really helped make “Downfall” an exceptional album.

In terms of sophomore albums really showing a band’s evolution as a band, I think Warchest did as good as a job that they could’ve possibly done with “Downfall”. Even though it took me two listens to really appreciate this album, I would still suggest this to anyone who just wants to hear some nice thrash metal for casual listening.

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