Conan – Revengeance

636_Conan_RGB Stoner and doom metal go together like PB&J, if you ask me. It’s been one of the most known hybrid genres in the world of metal right behind blackened death, or blackened thrash, and so on. Conan continues the tradition of stoner doom with their upcoming album “Revengeance”, and even though I wasn’t blown away by this heavy as fuck record, I can definitely see why Conan have climbed the ranks as a stoner doom band and why they have such a large following, for their area of expertise, that is.

Usually all a doom band needs to assert their presence in even a full length album is just three or four tracks and let the long ass tracks do the real talking, but Conan go the little extra mile by having six tracks in total on “Revengeance”, and I am extremely thankful that Conan didn’t leave it at three or four because each track off this record only makes you want more, and I fucking love that. The catchy guitars have a great sound alongside the crushing bass that takes no prisoners before the vocals come in and destroy whatever pulp is left after the guitars and bass do their work. Everything has a good, raw feel it that really makes it feel like those wolves on that fantastic cover are actually gnawing away at your ears, in a good way, naturally.

Like I said, I wasn’t blown away by “Revengeance”. but this album has definitely got more than enough awesomeness to throw around to where if you’re not that big of a fan of the vocals then you can rely on the destructiveness of the rest of the band to just make your goddamn day. Definitely a great album to start kick off the year with if you’re a stoner doom fan, and I can pretty much guarantee that if you like doom in general and haven’t heard these guys before, then prepare to have add another band to the “favorite bands” list.

“Revengeance” releases on January 29th! 

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