Eshtadur – Oblivion

oblivion---ep-caratula---Eshtadur-2015 Deathcore has never been my preferred “-core” music, but I’ve never been afraid to try it out because you never know what band is gonna pull next. Eshtadur is one such band for me because they really hovered on the bounds of being a deathcore band to me, but in the end just the way that their upcoming EP”Oblivion” was was just oozing with the deathcore.

Now, many people are disgusted by any “-core”, and I understand, but Eshtadur are definitely not your typical run-of-the-mill for their genre simply because it’s not all just a mess. There’s a very evident melodic factor that’s not afraid to stay for a while and really help make an impression on this 19 minute album. Also, there’s no clean vocals so nothing is smooth as you might expect when you think “-core” music, instead “Oblivion” has two sets of vocals with one being more deep and guttural with the other being louder and more shrill.

This isn’t exactly what I would call an excellent deathcore album, however. It’s very clear with “Oblivion” that Eshtadur are still trying to get a real sense of the sound they’re trying to create, and this album is definitely a good step in the right direction for them despite me not being blown away by any of the five tracks.

All in all, though, I do have to say that “Oblivion” is as good as any place to start for any band out there who are still trying to find their sound. Given time I’m sure they’ll develop something that deathcore fans can truly relish in, and I might come back around to see what they created. Who knows, maybe I’ll shit my pants.

LISTEN to two tracks off “Oblivion” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Eshtadur on Facebook here.


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