Abyssus – Once Entombed…

compilation abyssus cover+page 12 As a death metal band in the metal world of today you have got to find a way to set yourself apart from others. Some try moving forward and expanding the reaches of death into other genres, straight up mixing it with other genres like black metal, and some find their niche in the olden days of death metal where we were kept in the basements of clubs playing with a very selective crowd who were just had a rabid need for the glorious raw storm that was being put out on stage. Abyssus are such a band that revels in that last scenario, you can just feel that by listening to their intense, quick, and powerful blend of death metal that was absolutely made for anyone who cannot get enough of the old school stuff, and with “Once Entombed…” it’s very obvious to see that not only are Abyssus straight A students at said school, they also have a master’s degree in badassery. “Once Entombed…” is a compilation of the real highlights from all of Abyssus’ albums including two EPs, three splits, and one full length, but not even the ridiculous number of tracks off this album (nine-fucking-teen!) can contain all the rage and madness that this Greek band manages to explode out in every single track. And from tracks lengths going from just over a minute to over 4 minutes long, “Once Entombed…” has got plenty of speed, style, brutality, and chaos that only an old school death band can create so wondrously while the new school death fans can still find something to enjoy. There’s also the themes of death, war, pollution, and even social oppression that come along during this compilation which show that Abyssus truly are doing more than just screaming and playing instruments really fast. They are talking about many problems that people won’t talk about, and they do so in the most raw and destructive way possible, and that always grabs your attention whether you want it to or not. My absolute most favorite thing about “Once Entombed…” though has to be how consistent everything is through all 19 tracks which shows that since Abyssus’ first released material four years ago, they have not once wavered with how they want to pull off their lessons from the old school of death metal. If I had to guess, and I will, I’d say that Abyssus are slowly going to become one of the most renowned death metal bands to come out of Greece this decade, if not this century so far, because they’re style and passion is so intense that you cannot help but appreciate their need to create this excruciatingly brutal music that has begun to come to true fruition with “Once Entombed…”.

“Once Entombed…” releases February 20th!

LISTEN to the track “Remnants of War” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Abyssus on Facebook here.


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