Lycus – Chasms

chasms_1500 Funeral doom metal, you say? I am now stroking my beard in interest. If you want to start of the new year with a good, solid album that is quite possibly the epitome of funeral doom metal then you need not look any further as Lycus’ upcoming album, “Chasms”, is marvelously gloomy and just about all you could ask for out of a doom album. A heavy bass with a slow tempo is usually what your run-of-the-mill funeral doom band consists of along with deep vocals just as slow, but Lycus really seemed to have thought outside the box with “Chasms” has they really utilize the guitars to create a good rhythm while the bass is still going on making the crushing sound with a slow pace as they were made to do. The bellowing vocals also tend to change their own style to shake things up a little bit and that really helps the longevity of the tracks going even if you aren’t used to longer tracks and/or albums, which in this case are four tracks that last 7 to 13 minutes long, so all you doom fans have got nothing to worry about in that area! My favorite thing about “Chasms” is the addition of a cello which adds a whole new level of depth to this album that puts in a chilling atmosphere that just works so fucking well that it just blows everything else out of the water. All of this stuff flows together so well that you will need this list in order to truly listen to “Chasms”: noise cancelling headphones, a really comfy chair (because you’ll be there for a good long while), Advil because your neck will hurt from intense head banging, and a new pair of pants because your’s will be beyond soiled by the end of this 40+ minute piece. “Chasms” is also but the second full length release from Lycus, and the fact that this contains so much talent shows that these guys are without a doubt one of the next big things in funeral doom, and I guarantee you will agree by the time you finish “Chasms” and then proceed to go back for even more.

“Chasms” releases on January 15th!

LISTEN to the intro and outro tracks from “Chasms” on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Lycus on Facebook here.


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