Imperium – Sacramentum

a0292881046_10 There are some people out there in the death metal community who firmly believe that the best kind of death metal is the kind where you cannot understand what’s going on, and while that remains true in a lot of cases for me it hasn’t always worked out, but I do believe that Imperium’s debut album, “Sacramentum”, is one of those better ones that you really don’t care about the fact that you can’t understand a thing. There’s apparently a Roman and Greek mythology theme going on somewhere amidst all this intensity, but everything is so brutal that it’s incomprehensible but it still has a good sound for death metal as it keeps up the pace and never really lets up only when it feels truly right and not just throwing around calmer bits for the hell of it. And with having seven tracks of sheer brutal intensity and two more as short little interludes, Imperium really seem to have hit the mark they were trying to achieve with “Sacramentum” as there was never a point during this 35 minute record where I felt bored or wanted to stop listening, which is always a nice thing to notice because that shows the band in question has a good sound and aren’t “routine” like too many others. I’m not enthralled by “Sacramentum”, however, but I can definitely see that Imperium have got a sound that is worth hearing for anyone into death metal. They’re very heavy, very brutal, unrelenting, and I can see them putting out something awesome in the next few years with a new album that I really hope they’re working hard on. But until then, “Sacramentum” is more than good enough to keep us occupied for the time being.

LISTEN to “Sacramentum” on Bandcamp here or via YouTube below.

LIKE Imperium on Facebook here.


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