Scale the Summit – V

a2876492130_10 Exploring the genre that is rock is always something that I love to do as I never know what I’m going to get, and even though I’ve met just as many bad experiences that I have met good ones I’ve never turned away from something different and after seeing that Scale the Summit was an instrumental rock band with a new album I couldn’t help myself. The last instrumental rock album I’ve heard was My Sleeping Karma’s “Moksha” and that is by far one of my favorite records of 2015, so I decided to take a chance with “V” and I can happily say that it did not disappoint one bit. Even though for me it doesn’t come anywhere close to “Moksha”, Scale the Summit managed to recreate that feel of the music really striking a chord inside that for whatever feels like it connects with you in some way and it becomes all the better because of it. That’s what “V” was like. It didn’t need any vocals because the guitars, bass, and drums all came together to create this truly unique sound that was a little psychedelic at times and then heavier at others which added so many more layers and dynamics to this album that it would’ve lacked otherwise. Over 50 minutes of a real journey that does not cease to amaze, “V” is one of the ultimate instrumental rock albums out there, I can feel it. It has a consistent uplifting tone to it that just keeps you listening to it nonstop and even if you’re not paying attention to the music it serves as fantastic background noise that feels like it can fit almost any casual situation where you just want something to listen to. Each track has its own unique sound, and that helps “V” become all the more intriguing as I believe any rock fan can get into this album because it is something that is so well rounded that it doesn’t take a particular person to like it. It’s an album that everyone can enjoy and that is something that takes real talent to achieve, and it is true talent that Scale the Summit seem to have a definite surplus of.

LISTEN to “V” on Bandcamp here or via Spotify here.

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