Dogsflesh – So Fucked Up (single)

12246787_1084911634866204_4546799765338725950_n Crossing over different genres can sometimes be fantastic as blackened death is a good mix along with punk and hardcore. The latter of those two combos are just what Dogsflesh have been doing for over 20 years, so you’d think that they’d have a good grip on the kind of sound that they wanna make and how to do it, right? Well, you’d be absolutely correct as their brand new single “So Fucked Up” shows that they have got their style down to an art which and that shows that their upcoming third studio album, “Critical Response”, will definitely be an interesting thing to check out. Usually when I think punk and/or hardcore, I think of the vocals which a lot of times is just a dude screaming at the mic about whatever, but that’s not completely the case as the vocals for Dogsflesh are little bit calmer which allows for a little bit of smooth flow to sneak in there among the melody that is created through the grooves of the guitars and bass. The whole song has just got a good overall feel that anyone who just wants to listen to something a tad heavy casually would find this perfect, if they’re into Dogsflesh’s style, of course. I’m not sure about the exact date for “Critical Response”, but you can be sure that I will want to check this out as this UK band has definitely earned my attention with just this 3 minute song which is something that is always a good thing to experience, and I’m sure it’ll be the exact same for you should you check out “So Fucked Up” (which you should).

“Critical Response” comes out sometime early 2016!

LISTEN to “So Fucked Up” on ReverbNation here.

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