Escape is not Freedom – The Truants

a2273672326_10 Grunge is one of those genres to me where if someone brings it up I’d rather not listen to it, but I’m not afraid to try it out. Know what I mean? You gotta be in the right mindset and mood to listen to grunge and today was one of those days for me as I listened to Escape is not Freedom’s debut album “The Truants”, and I’m not usually a fan of grunge but these guys can make me more interested in it if they put out more albums like this. A lot of times, grunge, much like punk, is made up of kids with misplaced anger who feel like making a bad and screaming nonsense, but thankfully Escape is not Freedom is not one of those bands as you can actually feel the complexity and the depth to their music that I feel like grunge is sometimes lacking. What’s neat for me as a metal head is that Escape is not Freedom manages to incorporate just a tinge of sludge into their mix to switch it up a bit, and by “tinge” I mean the guitars have this awesome fucking heavy feel to them while the bass is pulling off this marvelous groove in the background. The vocals were a little bit off for me as I don’t think they made the best match for the overall sound of the rest of the band, but that doesn’t make “The Truants” any less enjoyable as there is more than enough to enjoy out of this album whether you like the vocals or not. I really hope Escape is not Freedom makes more albums because I would be really interested to see where they go with their music as this is by far the most captivating that grunge has sounded to me. It had a great sound and even though I didn’t love “The Truants”, I still want to hear more from this band which is a feeling that isn’t easily stumbled upon, but when it does it never goes unnoticed.

LISTEN to “The Truants” on Bandcamp here.

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