Transcending Obscurity Label Sampler: Volume 1

a1568246703_10 For the past year or so, I’ve been in a loose partnership with the Indian record label/webzine/PR company known as Transcending Obscurity which is a major player in the metal scene in India as they sign multitudes of bands from around the world. Today they released a compilation of songs from bands they have signed (1 song per band, naturally), and by no means necessary am I obligated to check it out, but I’ve been wanting to ever since I heard the project was in motion. And holy shit was I in for a surprise when I went to Bandcamp and saw that there is a whopping 65 bands that are featured on this beast! Most of these excellent bands hail from India, but Transcending Obscurity leave no stone unturned as they include bands from America, Sweden, France, Australia, Greece, Pakistan, Poland, and even fucking Bangladesh to create an album that showcases the global anomaly that is metal in such a way that I can only describe it as transcending (see what I did there?). Black metal like Heathen Beast, Toxoid, and Norse, death metal like The Dead, Affliction Gate, and Elemental, doom metal like The Whorehouse Massacre and Dionysus, grindcore like False Flag and Violent Upheaval, thrash metal like Halahukah and Exalter; if you can fucking name it without getting too complicated about sub-genres then this album has got it all. And if none of those names don’t ring a bell then that’s the fucking idea! Transcending Obscurity has gathered together some of the best of the best that the metal underground has to offer in a 65-song series that showcases some of their best material that just shows the potential and capability that they all have along with the strengths that they all possess in their own niche genres. This is not also an exclusively extreme metal compilation either, so don’t lose hope if you’re not into stuff like death or black metal. Heavy metal bands like Rectified Spirit are there to satisfy that itch for their style that I know you have, and the Indian power metal group Eclipse have your back with a killer song. And you would think that around 15 songs you would start to lose interest, but that is not the case as everything seems to be listed in such a way that you can listen to it track by track without getting a band with too similar of a sound playing back to back, and that is something that I greatly appreciated when listening to this. An album that can keep your attention is a good album by my account. Do I know if this phenomenal label has plans to do a Volume 2? I don’t know shit about what goes on there, but I definitely hope there will be a follow up! I know there’s greater talent to be shown as I know some bands weren’t included for reasons I don’t know, but by no means does that lower the quality of this powerful compilation by even the most minute degree. I encourage you to check this compilation out if you haven’t already thought about it because even I have a list of bands I wanna check out now and I promise you that you will as well if you give this compilation a chance. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go find some more music from Primitiv and Elemental (who were in the compilation, yes).

LISTEN to the compilation on Bandcamp here.

LIKE Transcending Obscurity on Facebook here.

Please pay a visit to the label’s main site here, I promise you’ll discover something interesting for sure.


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