Firespawn – Shadow Realms

Press_Cover_01 The beauty that is a debut album is never lost on me, or you for that matter. They are what bands (should, anyway) put their blood, sweat, and anything else that is metal into as it will contain all that they find to be awesome and then proceed to share it with us. Some are good, some aren’t, and then some come along that just blow your fucking flesh off in the awesome blink of an eye. Is the latter the case with Firespawn’s death metal debut “Shadow Realms”? Oh my Lucifer, yes! Straight from the get-go, Firespawn show that they aren’t here to fuck around by chocking this record full of everything between ol’ Satan and darkness itself that really brings out the old school death metal with “Shadow Realms” even though it has this modern feel to it that is very welcoming if you ask me. If you want a visual representation of this album then look towards the cover art and I shall elaborate. That burning inferno on top of that beast is the chaos that Firespawn creates in all eleven tracks off the album, and as the record progresses the fire spreads to the doomed souls below until everything in sight in engulfed in death, madness, and utter chaos from those menacing statues to the lands far off in the background. I think that encapsulates the intensity that “Shadow Realms” contains pretty well. The deep growls that sound like the herald of Lucifer himself, guitars and bass that form a cataclysmic duo, and a drum beat that doesn’t know how to stop all comes together in this 42 minute album that doesn’t know the definition of “slow down” or “less fire and brimstone”. Instead, this album breathes fire, shits brimstone, and delivers straight death metal the from a debut album the likes of which I have not seen for a while, and it is very good to see such a good band pop out of no where and impress me instantly. Firespawn are already gaining speed not two months after the release of “Shadow Realms” and I would not be surprised if the next thing that they put out is even more astounding than this, and you shouldn’t be shocked if you see their names more often in at least the coming months.

BUY “Shadow Realms” via iTunes here.

LISTEN to “Shadow Realms” on Spotify here.

LIKE Firespawn on Facebook here.


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